A Beatrix Potter Museum

The Tailor of Gloucester has dedicated the whole top floor of 9 College Court, as a delightful Beatrix Potter Museum, displaying her magical work.

Many of the items that are on display have been very kindly donated for all to see. There are many items, from books to figurines, needlecraft to dated soft toys, including rare items, from the past to the present. There may be some you recognise.

A walk down memory lane for many.

We also have the magnificent replica of The Tailor of Gloucester’s Waistcoat, proudly framed, made by six ladies from the WI in 1980.

The Waistcoat has been made from the wedding dress of the wife of the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire. The dedicated ladies took four hundred hours embroidering and researching the project, to make the waistcoat near to perfection as Beatrix Potter had used in her book The Tailor of Gloucester.

The Waistcoat from which Beatrix Potter was inspired is in the collection of the V&A museum in London.  Please see the link below.


Visitors may enjoy the Tailor’s kitchen, reconstructed from Beatrix Potter’s drawings (pages 17 & 21) from the large fireplace, the grand clock to the dresser where Simpkin sits proudly keeping watch over his captured mice, under the arrangement of tea-cups.

Upstairs you can read history of the original Tailor, John Prichard, and view a collection of  his work tools. The walls and glass cases are filled with beautiful Beatrix Potter Museum memorabilia. After watching the automaton where the mice work on the waistcoat, there is the shop where there is hopefully something for everyone. This magical experience is free and everyone can enjoy it.


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