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Me and my 6 year old boy did the trail over 3 days. Noone told us that you had to go to the Beatrix Potter place last. So we went there as we were doing the stickers down that end, we went to the woman about it and my boy went wondering into the store to look for it and she said obviously very annoyed and rather rudely to a 6 year old that it was outside.
"you have to go outside! Its outside!" my son turned and walked out to find it and she just tutted and shook her head.
She then turned to me and said "you've got the rest then?" I said no we were still looking for 4 or 5 and she again tutted , sighed and said "you have to get all the others then come back her to find the thing and only then I give you a sticker and sign the back. I can't do it if you haven't got them all."
I was very polite and said I was sorry I wasn't aware and said I'll see you later then. She just sighed and pretty much ignored me. So rude.
I found her very rude and was nervous to go back at the end. I'm not a very out there person and was rather shocked at her very poor customer service skills.
We went back the next day and there were 2 other ladies there who were lovely. I didn't have one sticker as they had ran out that day and we're closed the other days we did it (we did the trail later in the day) . They said it was fine, signed the back, gave my sicker and the prize to my boy.
There was a family of 3 kids in, just started, and they asked for the sticker. They were told they were meant to come to them last, but juats said "it's fine. You're here now. Come back for your prize when you've got the rest". Must nicer and friendlier.

And u know I'm not the only one who has had troubles with this (I'm guessing the same very rude woman). I suggest you teach customer service skills or get rid of her.
It was suppose to be an enjoyable trail and she made it miserable and like me and my boy had done something awfully wrong for going into the shop and asking for a sticker.

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